Sea Kayaking Five-Day Skills Boot Camp

Cost: $650pp

Location: Bowman Bay, Deception Pass State Park

Course Description: Designed to bring your knowledge and skill as a kayaker up as high and fast as possible. Let’s set you up for a season of fun, adventure and possibility and get you actively kayaking with the awareness and safety as well. Never kayaked before? This is the course for you. Kayaked a few times and ready to receive formal instruction and training? This is the course for you. Kayaked socially but realize you can benefit from going back to basics? This is the course for you!

Over five days we will go from “this is a kayak” to having you kayaking in open water in the presence of waves (less than 2 feet), wind (less than 12 knots) and currents (less than 2 knots) in this expanded version of our Essentials of Coastal Kayaking, Essentials of Coastal Kayaking II, Essentials of Coastal Kayaking III, Strokes, Balance and Maneuvers Workshop and our Introduction to Tidal Currents class.

We will cover: Paddle strokes, balance and edging, rescues and recoveries, signaling, navigating tidal currents and ship traffic, formulating a float plan, basic navigation, awareness of the marine environment, gear and outfitting, kayak design and nomenclature, crossing open water, incident management, blade awareness and blending of strokes and so much more it’s hard to list it all.

By the end of our five days together you will have a truly expansive skill set. We encourage you to visit the courses that make up this expanded experience to see the huge range of techniques and skills we cover. This five-day experience is also structured to provide a discount as opposed to taking these classes individually. We even provide every student with a video analysis of their strokes so they can understand how to continue to improve post course.

Students will get a chance to actively paddle in and explore Bowman Bay and Deception Pass State Park, including around Deception Island, the rocky and beautiful coastline extending north and if conditions allow, we will make a paddle through Deception Pass (during slack tide) and around Pass Island.

Ages: 18 and up

Duration: This is a five-day class. 8 hours each day. All equipment provided.

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