Essentials of Coastal Kayaking II

Cost: $165pp

Location: Bowman Bay, Deception Pass State Park

Course Description: The second of our Essentials series, our Essentials of Coastal Kayaking II class is designed for intermediate level kayakers who want to hone in their skills and ability to tackle new and exciting coastal environments. We will focus on maneuvering on edge through currents (less than 1 knot) and waves (less than 1 foot) and how to use static strokes to gracefully carve through water. We will also expand our toolkit of rescues to handle a variety of important incidents and further your technical knowledge in this coastal class out of Bowman Bay. By the end of the course, students should have the skills to begin kayaking in exposed settings close to shore with a higher degree of awareness and competency in their paddling and the foundational skills to execute coastal day trips.

A sampling of the course content includes:

  • Contact towing with and without tow strap
  • Towing with a tow belt/in-line and V
  • Edge awareness and performance maneuvers
  • Low brace turns
  • Bow rudder, side slip/hanging draw and blending of strokes
  • Sculling brace
  • Assisted swimmer rescues (bow & stern carry)
  • Creating blade awareness
  • Performative skills in rough water

Ages: 18 and up

Duration: 7 hours. All equipment provided.

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