Rough Water Skills and Tidal Currents

Cost: $150pp

Location: Bowman Bay, Deception Pass State Park

Course Description: Reading water. Navigating through eddylines, boils, currents and waves. Kayaking in tidal currents. Gaining confidence to paddle in lumpy water with boat control and finesse. In this class we’ll head into Canoe Pass by Deception Pass and be presented with a river of water which we’ll use to learn how to catch small dynamic eddies, link movements, set ferry angles and the skill of paddling upstream. You’ll receive focused attention and tailored coaching to help you develop your skill in rough water with grace and style. Participants will leave having an appreciation for moving water and a pathway to improvement after class, with the kayaking techniques at their disposal to handle diverse and confusing water.

A sampling of the course content includes:

  • The basic dynamics of tidal currents (current speeds, eddies, flow direction)  
  • How to navigate in current  
  • How to control a kayak in current: cross eddy lines and ferrying across current
  • Low brace turns
  • Peeling out of the eddyline
  • Reading water and judgement and decision making

Ages: 18 and up.

Duration: 6 hours. All equipment provided.

Prerequisites: Participants should have a reliable self and assisted rescue. Consider one of our rescues and recovery classes before joining us for this class.

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