Rescues and Recoveries: Bracing

Cost: $125pp

Location: Bowman Bay, Deception Pass State Park

Course Description: Our Rescues and Recoveries: Bracing class is designed for kayakers who want to learn or refine their bracing fundamentals. Bracing is an essential rescue skill to develop for any kayaker to prevent capsize and find stability in moving water and waves. Our goal in this class is to take your brace from a reflective (assessing and having to think) brace to a reflexive (automative and reactive) brace. We will develop skills within a calm water environment, and once we’ve had an opportunity for practice move into more dynamic environments within waves (less than 2 feet) and wind (less than 10 knots), and prehaps some currents as well. There will be ample opportunity for practice and feedback on this class.

A sampling of the course content includes:

  • Low brace
  • High brace
  • Sculling for support in a low and high brace
  • Low brace turn
  • High brace turn
  • Proper arm and body position
  • Finding stability on edge

Ages: 18 and up

Duration: 5 hours. All equipment provided.

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