Introduction to Surf Zone

Cost: $250pp

Location: Crescent Beach, Port Angeles

Course Description: Ready to take your kayaking to the next level? Ever wanted to take your kayak out onto the waves and enjoy an afternoon surfing? In our Introduction to Surf Zone, participants will learn the fundamentals of enjoying and staying aware in the surf zone, reading water, understanding wave dynamics and formation, beach morphology and the technical expertise to take your kayak into new and adventurous places. You’ll get to surf a lot of waves and have fun! Additional details will be provided upon registration, or call beforehand for the logistical details. This course happens at Crescent Beach outside of Port Angeles.

A sampling of the course content includes:

  • Surf zone dynamics, etiquette, and hazards  
  • Group communication and safety in surf  
  • How to swim in surf  
  • How to brace in breaking waves  
  • Launching and landing techniques  
  • Basic boat control and positioning on the wave

Ages: 18 and up.

Duration: This is a two-day class. 7 hours each day. Equipment provided upon request.

Prerequisites: Essentials of Coastal Kayaking OR a comparable skill set. Give us a call to find out if this is a class right for you!

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