Essentials of Coastal Kayaking

Cost: $165pp

Location: Bowman Bay, Deception Pass State Park

Course Description: Our flagship class is designed with one goal in mind: teach you to kayak with the skill and knowledge to safely and efficiently jumpstart your paddling! No matter your previous experience or familiarity with water, we will teach you the basics plus some to start paddling in nearshore environments with grace and style, rescue yourself and others and open the doors to all there is to learn about kayaking. By the end of the course, you’ll know more than most, be able to control your boat using a variety of strokes and most importantly, you’ll have had fun!

A sampling of the course content includes:

  • Decision making and outfitting for kayaking
  • Forward, reverse, sweep, draw and sculling draw strokes
  • T-rescue and paddle float rescue
  • Low and high brace
  • Edge awareness and stability, hip control and torso movements
  • Launching and landing techniques

Ages: 16 (with parent or guardian also in attendance) and up.

Duration: 7 hours. All equipment provided.

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